Welcome to the Get FHT Program

The Guelph Family Health Team offers the Get FHT program to encourage healthy lifestyle habits in patients with risk factors for Heart Disease and Diabetes.

The program is based on a collaborative approach between the Patient and the Family Health Team (which consists of your family doctor or Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurse, Dietitian and Exercise Specialist)

Program Goals:

  • Prevent or delay the progression of Heart Disease and Diabetes
  • Minimize the need for medication to treat Heart Disease and Diabetes
  • Help patients adopt long term healthy lifestyle habits

Target Participants

  • People at risk for developing Heart Disease or Diabetes
  • Elevated waist circumference, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and high blood sugars
  • People that are motivated to make lifestyle changes and willing to make the program time commitment

Detailed Program Information

Time Commitment:

  • Approximately 1 Year or Longer As Needed.
  • During the first three weeks, the program will require weekly appointments that are 1.5 to 2 hours in length. 

These appointments include:

Two education sessions that are offered at varying times, AND individual consultation appointment with the Registered Dietitian, Registered Nurse and Exercise Specialist.

Alternatively, there are evening appointments available for those who are unavailable during the day time

What patients can expect at education sessions:

  • Your first education session is with the registered nurse and will include valuable information about the Get FHT program along with specific information to get your started on making positive lifestyle changes. We will discuss Metabolic Syndrome and how to reduce your cholesterol, blood sugars and blood pressure.
  • Your second education session is a joint session with the dietitian and kinesiologist. Our open-conversation format engages participants to share their own experiences, discuss diet and exercise topics that are important to them, and are encouraged to set a SMART goal.

What patients can expect from your follow up visits:

  • Your first individual appointment with the nurse, dietitan and kinesiologist will be approximately 1-2 weeks after your group session. At this “circuit” you will meet with practitioner for 30 minutes. This is a good opportunity to get some more personalized information to assist you in achieving your goals. A plan for follow up will be arranged at this appointment.
  • For the remainder of the program, follow up will be booked with each practitioner and will occur approximately once/month. These follow up visits will be either in a small group format or a one-to-one basis. This will give us to review your progress in the program and help support you in moving towards your goals.


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