What to expect:

First meeting:

For your first appointment, you will be meeting a nurse and a dietitian one on one for about an hour all together. During this appointment, you will be asked health history questions and go over some introduction information.

We will talk about your medications and your blood work.
Before your appointment, you will get some forms in the mail. Please fill these out and bring to your first appointment so we get detailed information about your routine and what is important to you.

Follow up appointments:

The next step is usually a small group seminar to go over more in depth information about diabetes and how to manage it. These sessions are usually about 1 and a half hours, depending on what the group wants to talk about.
The group seminar is great for information, but also for some support.

One on one follow up appointments depend on what you need- some are booked a month later, some are booked 6 months later. Depending on what you need, you may be booked with a nurse, a dietitian, a kinesiologist (exercise specialist), or a social worker.

What to bring: 

If you are coming to our clinic for the first time:

Please bring the forms that were mailed to you. Be sure to fill them out to the best of your ability. If you have questions we can discuss them at your appointment.

Please bring to every appointment:

  • Intake forms/food record if this applies to you
  • Medications in their original containers
  • Blood sugar log
  • Blood sugar meter
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