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Take advantage of all the programs and services now available to you from Diabetes Care Guelph and Get FHT.

Lifestyle changes like eating well, exercising regularly, quitting smoking, avoiding excessive alcohol or sugars, and following the program that is developed for you can all help you live a healthier life.

We can help you set and achieve your health goals. Talk to us.

Diabetes Care Guelph:

Guelph Medical Place

Guelph Medical Place
83 Dawson Rd
Guelph Ontario

Phone: 519-840-1964

Get FHT:

Guelph Medical Place
83 Dawson Rd
Guelph ON

Phone: 519-840-1962


Your care is in YOUR hands- and we can help!  

Great Educators. Great Service. Great Outcomes.


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Diabetes Care Guelph

83 Dawson Road
Guelph, ON N1H 1B1
Phone: 519-840-1964