Emotional Regulation Skills

Program Type: Education


The emotional regulation skills group is designed to help participants deal more effectively with depression, anxiety and stress. This two hour course will introduce the three basic skills of mindfulness, grounding techniques and body scan. The focus of this program is both educational and experiential.     

  • Mindfulness: This skill teaches 'moment to moment awareness'.  By learning to be fully present in each moment you can improve your focused attention, reduce distress and  lessen your reaction to any stressful situation.  Mindfulness works by enhancing those areas of the brain that promote the ability to calm.

  • Grounding Techniques:  This skill allows you to stay centred in the moment, to stay connected with one's body and maintain control over attention in a mindful manner.  It slows the reaction to stressful triggers, reduces fear and prevents you from getting stuck in the past or from worrying too much about the future.

  • Body Scan:  When we are overwhelmed, we are often not aware of the stress and tension contained in our bodies.  By staying in the present moment, our bodies can give us clearer information about our true situation.   

The use of these three skills:  mindfulness, grounding techniques, and body scan can help keep you grounded in the present and better able to calm oneself. You learn to regulate yourself during periods of conflict and the use of these skills allows you to better understand and accept yourself.  Over time, the gradual reduction of stress leads to the improvement of mood, the reduction of anxiety and the ability to cope with whatever comes along.


Prerequisites: No pre-requisites. 

Requires Physician Referral: No

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