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Diabetes Care Guelph and Get FHT.

Our Mission:

Both Diabetes Care Guelph and Get FHT programs are dedicated to helping people who are living with or at who are at risk for diabetes to have a healthy, fulfilling life.

We focus on patient`s needs, helping them to develop and implement their own health strategies for life.

Our Team:

Team We provide the highest-quality programs by adhering to evidence-based practice guidelines and to the ethical standards of profession. We provide a friendly and caring environment to help our patients succeed. 

 We use a dynamic, team based approach to patient management, treatment and education. Because of this, our patients are able to receive the education and support that is tailored to their needs.

Our Approach:

At Diabetes Care Guelph and Get FHT, we go beyond glycemic control to patient specific holistic management.
We work with patients to help them set and achieve their health goals.
We help patients achieve their goals by listening to and partnering with them. We help them to connect the dots between today’s challenges and tomorrow’s health objectives.

Great Educators. Great Service. Great Outcomes.


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Diabetes Care Guelph

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